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High Desert Goldens, LLC

Middleton, Idaho

Naturally Reared Golden Retrievers

We believe that by adhering to natural rearing principles, we can support the well-being of our beloved Golden Retrievers. Our commitment to avoiding chemical dewormers, vaccines, and chemical flea/tick/heart worm prevention reflects our dedication to a more holistic approach to animal care. In striving to emulate natural conditions, we aim to foster a healthier and longer life for the Golden Retriever breed. Moreover, our dedication to providing a species-appropriate raw diet underscores our belief in nourishing our dogs and puppies in a manner that aligns with their biological needs and ancestral diet. By avoiding traditional methods and embracing a more natural approach, we aim to establish a high standard in the care and breeding of Golden Retrievers. Our philosophy is grounded in a profound respect for the innate instincts and requirements of these remarkable animals, and it influences every choice we make in our efforts to nurture strong, healthy, and lively Golden Retrievers.

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