Video Tutorials

Dogs Part 1: How to Add a Dog to ProLitter

This video demonstrates how simple it is for retriever breeders or retriever trainers to add a dog to

Dogs Part 2: Adding Your Dogs Data to ProLitter

As a continuation on adding a dog, in this instruction video we will explain how to add specific data to your retriever listing on Data such as breed specific health clearances, titles, breed, gender, photos, and more.

Demo: Pedigree Snapshots and Ancestor Dogs on

In this demonstration video we will briefly explore how to add a sire and dam to a retriever to create a pedigree snapshot as well as how to add Ancestor dogs to help fill-in your dogs pegidrees on

How to add a Litter of retriever puppies to

In this video we will look at adding a litter of retriever puppies to, step by step, from selecting the breed, sire and dam, and line type, find it all here.

Creating your retriever breeder page on

In this video we will take a look at how to create a breeder page on and how to add your dogs, your location, your retriever litters and more.

Creating Your Dog Trainer Page at

In this video we will summarize how to create your retriever trainer page on, but for much of the features please review our how to add a retriever breeder video.

Clubs: Adding a Retriever Club to for Free

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to get up and running as a retriever club on

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