GRHRCH (3) Kess's Royal Flush MH

Stud Dog

Braceville, Illinois

Service available as: Natural Breeding Shipped Semen
Costa is a very methodical running dog always thinking things through on the task at hand. Costa is much like his dad Stroker, always running consistently and confident. He has an amazing on/off switch which keeps him sharp in the field but calm inside the house or the kennel.
  • Whelped: 09/09/2017
  • Color: Fox Red
  • Breeder: Bourbon Branch Retrivers
  • Dog Owner: Jacob Schmitt
  • Braceville, Illinois
  • AKC: SR82323501
  • UKC: R-280-684
  • Meet Costa, a stunning 64-pound fox red Labrador renowned for his remarkable achievements and impeccable temperament.

    Costa has an impressive track record, placing third in his second qualifying event in 2024 and finishing in the top 12 in his first SRS.

    A proud member of the 500 Point Club with 655 points, Costa is also a 3-time GRHRCH and holds an MH title. He is actively pursuing his fourth grand pass and HOF status. Costa's is as calm, cool, and collected with an amazing on-off switch. He is incredibly relaxed and loving at home, great with children, and also serves as a certified service dog. Costa enjoys playing with toys and being a normal dog, and he is clean and well-behaved in both the kennel and the house. In the hunting blind, Costa is a joy to hunt with—quiet, steady, and impressive in action. He runs in a very methodical, thoughtful manner, excelling under multiple handlers, including his trainer, Clark Kennington.

    Costa is often compared to his accomplished father, with big shoes to fill.

    He is not a barker, either in the trailer or in the house, and his loving, passionate nature shines through in everything he does.

    In December, Costa proved his versatility by placing third in his second qualifying event in Florida and making the fourth series in both of his qualifiers. He has shown great promise in the SRS, finishing in the top 12 in his first event in 2024 and aiming for more success in 2025. Although he loves upland hunting, this is kept at bay for now as he focuses on achieving his fourth grand pass. Costa's pedigree is equally impressive, with 42 grand passes, including his grandfather, Dude, a two-time crown champ and 15x grand champion. His mother, who has one grand pass, was a joy to watch run. Costa's exceptional lineage and outstanding achievements make him a truly remarkable Labrador, excelling in hunting, competitions, and as a beloved family companion.

  • GRHRCH (3)
  • MH - Master Hunter
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  • Hips: Excellent
    OFA#: LR-251710E39M-VPI
  • Elbows: Normal
    OFA#: LR-EL100214M39-VPI
  • Eyes: Normal
    OFA#: No data provided
  • PRCD - DNA: Normal (Clear)
    DNA: Paw Print Genetics
  • Exercise-Induced Collapse - DNA: Carrier
    DNA: Paw Print Genetics
  • D Locus (Dilute) - DNA: Clear
    DNA: Paw Print Genetics
  • Centronuclear myopathy: Normal
    DNA: Paw Print Genetics
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Line Type

  • Hunting / Hunt Test
  • Search & Rescue
  • Shed Dog
  • Tracking

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