Gunner Michael Rick

Stud Dog

Argyle, Texas

Service available as: Natural Breeding
Gunner is OFA Cleared & has his Master Hunter Title. He is equally a great house dog and hunting dog. He is extremely well mannered, obedient, and workable.
  • Whelped: 04/17/2021
  • Color: Dark Gold
  • Breeder: Eric Barnes
  • Dog Owner: Darian Rick
  • Co-owner: Daniel Rick
  • Argyle, Texas
  • AKC: SS25835305
  • Gunner is a beautiful, dark colored field golden, and very stout sitting at approx. 65lbs. He comes out of a long line of hunt test champions. As of June 2024, Gunner has officially earned his Master Hunter Title!
  • MH - Master Hunter
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Line Type

  • Hunting / Hunt Test
  • Obedience
  • Pet / Companion
  • Scent Work

Pedigree SnapShot

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