ProLitter was built to help people. To help those looking to acquire a puppy or dog find the best fit for them. To help breeders screen inquiries, connect with buyers, and help dog trainers promote their services. To do all of this in the best way we know how we have put together a set of standards we ask that those who use our website abide by. The language is simple, but the intent is serious.

Dog Ownership

ProLitter aims to help people find well-bred, purebred retrievers by connecting people with hard-working, responsible breeders who put blood, sweat, and tears into their programs to provide healthy pets, and or working dogs for people like you. As an owner, we ask you to honor these breeders by always abiding by their wishes giving your dog the best life possible. You promise to always provide quality food and water for your dog. You will provide proper exercise and a clean living environment. You are considerate of others and do not let your dog harass other dogs, neighbors, etc. You provide medical care as neededand you provide training for your dog so he or she can become a good citizen of our world.

Retriever Breeders

We want to represent breeders who love what they do, breeders who are dedicated to preserving purebred dogs and not attempting to mix breeds or create new designer breeds. This means we don’t allow mix-breeding, we do not allow doodles of any sort, nor any dilute labs, etc. We ask that retriever breeders who sign up for ProLitter only post litters with fully health-tested parents following the health testing guidelines put out by the official breed clubs. We want to work with breeders who also run genetic tests on their dogs to keep their line free from unwanted defects. We want to represent breeders who give their dogs the best lives possible, breeders who participate in their dog’s lives working toward bettering the breed by training and pursuing high-level achievements. Our standards are put forth not only to protect buyers, but to also educate new breeders who want to ensure they’re doing everything to uphold the traditions and best practices of breeders who came before them; to preserve, reduce disease, reduce inbreeding, and to be confident about, and be responsible for the dogs they bring into the world.

As a breeder, we ask for complete transparency and honesty. Do not lie to people, do not hide things, offer people good information, be part of educating your customers about your breed, their activity level, their lifestyle requirements, screen buyers, and be sure you are placing dogs where they are a good fit so both owners and the dogs can be successful.

All Account Holders

PoLitter has several account types, from free accounts for Ancestor dogs (designed for historical data) and clubs to paid member accounts for breeders & trainers. We expect ALL account holders to act with respect, to post responsibly, and not to harass or attempt to spam or abuse members or our website. Each ProLitter premium account is solely for the use of a single breeder/trainer, and under no circumstances shall any account be used as a reseller platform or to post on behalf of others. Account holders are to post their dogs, and their litters only. Accounts found in volition will be canceled immediately.

All account holders are expected to only post content they own, or have the rights to use. Do not post photos you found online, do not post any photos that do not directly support a breeding or training program. Never post anything derogatory, racist, sexist, with vulgarity, or pornography. Accounts found in volition will be canceled immediately.

Photo uploadsexcept a logo in designated logo areas only, must NEVER contain any text or graphics. This includes any text wording & typography, embedded logos, photographer or other watermarks, digitally modified images with graphics, signage, etc. Those found in violation are at risk of account cancelation, and any such images will be deleted.

Dog Trainers

PoLitter wants to work with dog trainers who excel in various avenues. From obedience to hunting, we desire to work with trainers who are experts, who know dogs, and who love what they do. We want to work with trainers who help educate dog owners, who are kind, and respectful to their clients and their client’s dogs, and those who want success for their clients and will be honest about what it takes to achieve it. We want to work with professionals who promise to use ethical, positive reinforcement techniques to achieve the best results.

Our Promise

We promise to uphold all of the above to the best of our ability. We understand the importance of all this and want to promote responsible breeding & dog ownership, and ethical and professional dog training. As part of our commitment, we will offer on all dogs, breeders, litters, and trainer pages the ability to report content that should not be here. With this we ask that the community contribute where they can, if you see something, say something. If we find an account holder abusing our website we reserve the right to cancel said account at any time without refund or warning.

We promise to utilize our platform and voice to champion the preservation of pure-bred retrievers. We promise to continue to improve & innovate We will do our best to keep the platform affordable, limit advertising, and maintain a safe place on the web where retriever enthusiasts, breeders, trainers, and clubs can come together and help strengthen their programs, as well as strengthen the greater retriever community as a whole in the USA.

See something, say something, that goes against our standards.