Why is ProLitter fee-based?

Our product and services are fee based and offered at various levels. ProLitter is a business, businesses need money to operate which has to come from either users, or ads, we’ve opted not to show ads on your content. Our prices are kept to a favorable minimum designed to help you get you up and running while providing the business with what it needs to continue offer a premium product and service. We believe ProLitter offers an experience unmatched specifically for the retriever community. We’ve highlighted five areas we think set us apart.

Search engine visibility

We’ve built Prolitter to showcase your program in the best light and designed the platform that in time will generate interest through organic search results, in other words we pay close attention to details like providing good clean URLs that Google and other search engines will love. More organic search results equal more interested people that find you organically via online search.

Responsive design

We designed ProLitter to be easy to use so people can find content no matter what device the end users choose. Today more people access the internet from remote locations on mobile phones and tablets than ever before, we understand this and have spent hundreds of hours building our interface to be mobile-first. ProLitter looks great on your phone, no pinching and zooming, you can read things and find what you are after without a struggle. Then the tablet and desktop experience offer a fully immersive design that give your customers exactly what they are looking for with nothing getting in the way.

We do more – Retriever Breeders, Trainers and Clubs

ProLitter offers more, for one fee you can build a page for your breeding program, a page for your training program, pages for all your dogs with all their data and titles, pages for all your litters, pages for stud dogs, and pages for dogs to sell or re-home all in a package that looks great! Plus, ProLitter also offers free club pages to help people who use ProLitter to find a dog, also find a club to get involved in the community. Finally, you are in control of your own content, you can post, edit, etc. anytime and there is no need to wait for approvals.

Support and continued innovation

As a small team, ProLitter is now our job, we’re here to support our system and our customers. Anyone who’s used apps like Facebook or Instagram knows that finding support from the company is nearly impossible. We pride ourselves in being a human on the other end to help you when you need something. Plus we are dedicated to improving our product and will be offering even more for retriever enthusiasts in the future.

A brand that cares

We’re not a corporation here to cash-in, we’re not a corp at all in-fact. We’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours planning, designing, building, coding, and learning as we go. We are not backed by anyone, we have no sponsors, we are not funded by anyone, no venture capital, no loans or borrowed money. We are real people who have taken it upon ourselves to make something we think is pretty special for a community that is near and dear to us. We’ve spent the better part of a year developing Prolitter working day and night, sharing progress with the public as we go, and covering any and all costs personally. Why? It’s simple, we care, we love retrievers, and we want to help people who share the same values.

See something, say something, that goes against our standards.