What is a retriever breeder page, or retriever trainer page on

Account holders can create both retriever breeder pages and professional retriever trainer pages on These pages act as micro websites that offer a 24/7 view of your business to potential clients. Both breeder and trainer pages offer an area to display your logo or thumbnail image that represents your business, a description, links to where people can find your company elsewhere on the web, Facebook, Instagram, etc., as well as offer a direct line of communication. Both breeder and trainer pages also offer photo galleries of up to 15 photos for Master account holders. Both breeder pages and trainer pages will cross-link back to each other making it super simple for potential customers to find you and learn about all you offer.

Breeder pages display your active dogs with links to each dog page, as well as any active litters with links to those.

Trainer pages offer a listing to display your dog training services.

While every account holder can display both a breeder and trainer page, you don’t have to create both, it’s entirely up to you what pages you’d like to create.

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