What are the benefits of using ProLitter? is meant to be an extension of your business that will help bring customers to your breeding program as well as give customers a pathway to find trainers and clubs encouraging people to be active with their dogs.

While we don’t claim to be a replacement for your own website, if you do not have a website of your own, ProLitter offers your business the ability to have a well-designed web presence with sophisticated tools where potential customers are looking, all at a much more affordable rate than building your own.

For breeders and trainers who do have a website, ProLitter offers you another avenue to get your program out in front of potential customers. Plus, our system is designed so you can store your dog’s data,  build pedigrees in our database, and promote your litters in a professional framework that works great on mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets.

Also, in the future, we hope to expand our pedigree offering to provide more generations and COI which is short for the coefficient of inbreeding.

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