What are dog titles for?

When you look through litters of retriever puppies and dogs for sale on ProLitter you will likely see dogs with titles listed.

A title is an achievement said dog has earned through training and testing. There are all sorts of titles retrievers can earn as well as various levels from Junior to Master. A titled dog demonstrates the characteristics you might find in a puppy from his or her litter.

Titles and dogs who are considered champions are proof of good training, time, and financial investments from both the dog, trainer, and breeder, but titles are not a guarantee or a requirement of purchasing a dog.

Titles should be looked at as part of your research on the type of dog you are looking for, and what your goals are. Buying a puppy from parents with no titles does not put you at risk like that of dogs without health clearances.

An example of titles and litter research, if you are looking for a low-key family dog that is good with kids and grandma, a highly titled pedigree of hunting dogs may not be the best fit as they will have very high drive and require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Always talk to the breeder and explain your goals, good breeders want to see their dogs and customer successful and will be honest about if their dogs are a good fit or not.

These are just guidelines however as retrievers are generally very trainable and with the right amount of time you and your dog can achieve great things.

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