How will I know what health clearances the breed I want should have?

At ProLitter we take responsible breeding seriously and want to champion the breeders doing the right thing. We also want to educate you as the buyer what health clearances you should be looking for on any given breed retriever.

Our approach to this is two fold. First is a page of health clearances separated by breed along with links to the breed clubs so you can familiarize yourself what to look for. Second, every dog on will show a bright orange warning before any health clearances have been added. We do this to notify the puppy buyer that if you see a litter with this warning (which goes against our standards) , to stay away!

When a breeder does add health clearances we also require a link to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) of said dog so you as a buyer can validate the information. If this link is missing or incorrect notify the breeder and tread lightly to ensure all the information posted is on the up and up.

See something, say something, that goes against our standards.