HR Thunderstruck's Dynamic Bandit Boy MH

  • Call Name: Poncho
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Whelped: 11/02/2019
  • Color: Dark Gold
  • Breeder: Thunderstruck Retrievers
  • Dog Owner: Kourtney Haddix
  • AKC: SS15030701
  • Poncho is an awesome fella out of Thunderstruck Retrievers in MN. He is very sweet and loves attention. When it is time to work, he has great attention and drive. He has high energy, but is able to shut off in the house. He is trainable and catches onto new skills quick.

  • HR - Hunting Retriever
  • MH - Master Hunter
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  • Hips: Good
    OFA#: GR-135408G24M-VPI
  • PennHipp: Left: .46 Right: .42
  • Elbows: Normal
    OFA#: GR-EL55046M24-VPI
  • Eyes: Normal
    OFA#: GR-EYE24334/47M-VPI(10/23)
  • Cardiac: Normal
    OFA#: GR-ACA7152/21M-VPI
  • Icthyosis: ICH1 carrier, ICH 2 clear
    DNA: Embark/Pawprint
  • Compare on OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Pedigree SnapShot

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Thunderstruck's Dynamic Bandit Boy
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