Concierge Services

Our concierge services are designed to help breeders and trainers get all their data added quickly when their time is limited. We want to make it very easy to use our platform, so as long as you have your data and photos electronically you can provide that to us we’ll do the leg work for you. We can build your pedigrees, add your dogs, create your breeder page, create your trainer page, etc. so you can continue to run your business. Below is a current price list for all our concierge services.

ProLitter Concierge

Add a dog, ea.
Ancestor Dogs
$20, $35, $50
up to 5, up to 10, up to 20
Breeder Page
Breeder page
Trainer Page
Trainer page
Add a litters, ea.
Add a Stud, ea.
Dogs For Sale
Add a sale, ea.

Other Creative Services

General Help
Request Quote
File setup, logo adjustments, etc.
Logo Design
$800 to $1,500
Unique, professional and memorable. We are experts at designing custom logos
Website designed to work with ProLitter
Custom Website
$4,500 to $8,500
Custom websites from scratch
Coming Soon
Images for presenting your dogs in the best light
See something, say something, that goes against our standards.