Our Mission will improve the way people find well-bred retrievers of all types by promoting responsible breeding, and professional dog training through network outreach and education. We built to help the retriever community all across the USA thrive for both breeders, and enthusiasts.

Our Why

Give the public a safe place to find a retriever, offer education and transparency about good breeding practices vs. the latter, and why it’s important to understand the difference.

A place to shine a light on the breeders who are doing the right thing and putting in the hard work.

To preserve and protect retriever breed dogs now and into the future by helping to weed out bad breeding practices through education and transparency.

Our Promise

We promise to utilize our platform and voice to champion the preservation of pure-bred retrievers. We promise to continue to improve & innovate To keep the platform affordable and maintain a safe place on the web where retriever enthusiasts, breeders, trainers, and clubs can come together and help strengthen their programs, as well as the greater USA retriever community as a whole.

mike hosier founder of

Our Story

We are an American small business supporting other small businesses in the USA. in an off-the-beaten-path venture by Mike Hosier. Find Mike on Instagram.

Mike is a retriever enthusiasts and creative entrepreneur, he is a member and volunteers of several local AKC clubs as well as The Golden Retriever club of America.

Since 2002 Mike has operated a solo design studio where he works with small and mid-sized businesses building brands and websites.

Coming from both the design world and the dog world, Mike has had the unique perspective of seeing what works through trial & error from building his, and his customers websites. Also, as an occasional breeder himself, Mike has witnessed first-hand the confusion from the customer side of how to properly find a well-bred retriever, where to look, and what to look for when shopping around. Without a clear path forward he has seen and heard stories of far too many people falling victim of scams or heartache by so-called breeders who don’t understand, or don’t care about health and genetics. Bad breeding practices are both heart-breaking for the dog owner and scar the entire dog community providing fuel to ill-informed anti-breeding messengers who spread hate and attempt to mis-label breeding “as bad” which is just not true. Mike’s hope is that will help change this by educating the public about good breeding practices and offering a website to help connect people with responsible breeders who put in the hard work to preserve and protect these wonderful dogs; all on a platform that is transparent and open to every person on the planet. This is ProLitter.



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